I love to DJ, design stuff, play hockey, and build Gunpla.

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Pioneer XDJ-RX2, headphones and turntable with blue lighting

I started out as a roller rink DJ in 1998. I got my first turntables in 2000 and made the switch in 2005 to CDJs. That same year I co-founded SkateFM, an internet radio station dedicated to the music from the rink, and managed it until 2011. After a semi-hiatus, I picked up a Pioneer XDJ-RX2 in 2017 and got back into DJing.

Select mixes are available for streaming on .

MixCloud adds tracking cookies if the player is loaded.


Over the years I've designed websites, flyers, wallpapers, logos, and even hockey jerseys.


I played roller hockey growing up in the 90's. I traveled to tournaments and even made it to Nationals a few times.

In 2014, I returned to roller hockey for a year before making the switch to ice.

Next on the Ice

hands tying laces on hockey skates


I've recently discovered the joy of building Gundam plastic models.


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